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So what kind of things do children like to eat anyway? [laugh]


...what exactly would be considered a date?


...I seem to have lost track of time again. What's been going on out there?


...I've now truly given up on any prospect of this place ever making sense. [shakes head] Even though it has been surprisingly easy to ease into a life here.

Quatre, Duo, it's about time we met up. We should have tea. Or something.

...Minagawa? Would by chance you be interested in joining us?

Or not.


Does anyone have aspirin? Now that Duo's around again, I can't stop the dull ache in my head. Ugh.

Peace, it seems.

Things seem to have settled down for now, though it's getting impossible to tell for how long. I have to admit I would rather like to keep things peaceful. It spares everyone from unnecessary suffering.

...I should check in with Quatre somehow. Knowing him, he'd be worried. In all honesty, I was worried too. It's bad of me to have been out for so long without saying anything, but I had to make sure this...Reunion thing was over--...and maybe some time to think.

I'm starting to give up on ever finding Duo or Hiiro here. Maybe they went home already.

Dead man walking.

The Reunion. Where is it?
Whoever's in charge of the party that Quatre recently joined, I would like to volunteer. I'm experienced, and I don't care what the circumstances are.

If there's fighting that will break out, I have to be able to protect him.


This place continues to get increasingly more strange. Everyone seems to be prone to chronic depression. I'm feeling quite odd, as I've been in a terribly good mood lately. I'm even feeling talkative. *grin* A rarity, indeed.

Could someone kindly explain to me why everyone seems to be suffering such extreme mood swings? Is it this...fruit I keep hearing about? Hope you haven't eaten it, Quatre. It's hard to imagine you not being your sweet self.

Ah, but I have to admit, I wonder what Minagawa would be like under the influence of the fruit. Or maybe Hiiro... Duo even--on second thought, maybe not. A solemn Duo would mean the end of the world. *laugh*

I guess I'll just do some more investigating for now.


...I get the feeling I turned up here at a bad time.

I've never seen so many gender confused people in one place before, and I work in a circus. [blink] ...


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